Subcontracted Workers Update

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Subcontracted Workers Update

Over the last 125 years of our history, NSEL (Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited) has distinguished itself as being a leader in social responsibility, both nationally and in Central America.

As a result, we have acquired an established reputation as a leading company in the region that offers top quality benefits to its employees. In the past we have made sure that subcontracted workers receive the same benefits as workers employeed directly by the company.

We have experienced that there is not the same level of affinity with the company with subcontracted workers, which caused a lack of identity resulting in a higher turnover.  Consequently, we have eliminated the recruitment of subcontractors and will now directly employ all workers.  Existing subcontracted workers have been hired on as direct employees.  This process initiated on January 18th 2016 and was completed at the end of February 2016.


NSEL (Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited)

Human Resources and Senior Management.

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