The health and safety of the workforce at Ingenio San Antonio and all of our facilities is of the utmost importance to our company and our communities. Ingenio San Antonio’s employs a comprehensive program to prevent, control, monitor and measure the incidence of MeN among our workforce. Below are key details about this program.


ISA’s hydration rules require that each worker carry a plastic container with a reserve of water (a daily allotment of 10 liters are provided by the company). Additionally, each worker is provided with the equivalent of 2.7 liters of isotonic hydrating drink per working day. Transportation buses are required to carry a 50-gallon reserve of drinking water. The hydration program includes these steps:

  • Pre-hydration: beverages delivered prior to work
  • Rehydration: drinks are provided to workers in the fields
  • Post-effort rehydration: more fluid is provided at the end of the work day
  • Measurement: random monitoring of body weight is performed to measure fluid loss through sweating

In addition to drinking water, ISA provides a hydrating isotonic beverage formulated with physicochemical parameters established by the World Health Organization (WHO). These hydrating drinks contain sodium chloride, potassium chloride, ascorbic acid and glucose as energy load; its osmolality is between 200 to 330 mOsm/Kg of water. TECNOAL Nicaragua performs regular checkups to ensure product safety.


  • Climate monitoring: ISA’s meteorological station indicates the optimum times of day for workers to cut cane to avoid peak temperatures
  • Workplace uniform: workers receive free hats, cotton shirts and pants, and leggings to reduce sun exposure
  • Break space: portable tents provide shade for 25 people at a time during breaks


  • Mandated day of rest
  • Six hour workday (between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.)
  • Mandatory 10-20 minute breaks during work hours every 1 or 2 hours
  • Random body temperature and water consumption measurement during breaks
  • Balanced and nutritional meal provided at the end of the work day


  • All workers are provided with free health services by Ingenio San Antonio’s Hospital
  • Mobile clinic provides on-site monitoring care in the field


  • Pre-hire: ISA ensures all workers are in good health and in compliance with Nicaraguan Law 618
  • Before employment begins: ISA provides training on how to effectively use protective equipment, the importance of drinking water and hydrating drinks, detecting signs and symptoms of dehydration and heat/sun-related illnesses. Additionally, workers receive education about the importance of good nutrition and rest, hygiene and safety norms at work, and the types of risks they are exposed to at work and how to reduce them
  • On the job: Each day, health promoters reinforce importance of breaks and hydration during the cane cutting process

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