Social Responsibility

Ingenio San Antonio is widely known for marking many social milestones for Nicaragua – from establishing the first free hospital and schools, and providing medical services and education to protect and advance the health, welfare and future of its workers and their families, as well as surrounding communities.

Few companies in Latin America provide such modern hospital care and other social services for workers. The company invests more than US$1 million annually to make hospital services and Social Security contributions available for workers. The annual total investment in education and training for employees and their children also amounts to more than US$1 million.

The company has a close relationship with the surrounding communities, supporting community development and wellbeing in different areas such as health, education, infrastructure, food, recreation and sports, through the construction of schools, bridges, parks, electrification and sanitation projects, repairing streets and roads, among other contributions. In 2014 alone, the company invested US$2.3 million in various projects to benefit the community.

These community-focused commitments and efforts are extended to environmental issues.

The company annually invest more than US$9 million in Social and Environmental Responsibility.


1911Santiago Jiménez, M.D., hired to provide medical services to meet the needs of workers.
1958Alfredo Pellas Hospital at Ingenio San Antonio was built to provide health services to the workers of Ingenio San Antonio.
1995 to 2014More than 4 million medical services, including almost 10,000 surgeries are provided at the Alfredo Pellas Hospital.
2014A modern, fully equipped emergency room with air-condition was opened, providing to date, approximately 1,200 emergency services.
2007 to PresentMore than 11,000 free dental consultations have been provided to residents of neighboring communities, in collaboration with the Spanish Medical Brigade ‘Dentists Without Limits’.

In the medical missions held with APROQUEN at Alfredo Pellas’ Hospital at Ingenio San Antonio, thousands of children from different regions of the country have received medical attention.


1913The first free elementary school for the children of workers at Ingenio San Antonio was established under the direction of Doña Gerarda López.
1965Ingenio San Antonio’s Model School is established to provide free pre-school, elementary and secondary education to the children of permanent workers. Currently, the school has a computer science and languages lab and recently installed the Smarty Ants program, an innovative educational tool for learning English in the first years of elementary. The goal is to enable all students to be bilingual at graduation.
2008 to PresentNearly 2,000 scholarships have been granted to employees and their families and the company has organized more than 5,000 training events. These events provide workers with the necessary understanding of equipment, material, instruments and tools to perform their job ISA.
2010 to 201522 schools have been built, repaired or remodeled and 20,000 backpacks have been donated to underprivileged students from neighboring communities.
AnnuallyMore than 50,000 toys are donated to children from nearby towns at Christmas time.


1960sSocial Security was brought to the agricultural areas by Ingenio San Antonio, marking the first time a company in Nicaragua provided Social Security in such areas.
PresentIngenio San Antonio compensates employees for fourteenth month’s salary despite the requirement of Nicaraguan law to pay them for thirteen. In addition, the company provides a monthly food subsidy that covers 60% of basic products to current and retired workers. Workers may also receive, among other benefits, performance bonuses and Christmas toys for their children.
2012 to PresentThe Nicaraguan Institute for The Promotion of Responsible Consumption of Alcohol (INPROCRES), the first and only institute of its kind in South America, was founded by the company.


AnnuallyAnnually, Ingenio San Antonio reuses an estimated 20 billion gallons of water, which is equivalent of what one million people would consume, as part of its clean production process.
2004 to PresentThe use of fuel oil was eliminated and clean energy is generated from sugarcane bagasse and eucalyptus chips, which it is estimated to reduce greenhouse gases by over 95 thousand tons per year
2005 to PresentEach year, as part of Ingenio San Antonio’s successful reforestation and environmental education project, 50,000 native species trees from Ingenio San Antonio’s nursery are planted on banks of rivers and uncultivated areas in Western Nicaragua. To date, more than 450 thousand trees, have been planted, which is approximately twice the size of New York City’s Central Park.
2009 to PresentMore than 500 thousand tons of greenhouse gases have been reduced, which equates to putting more than 130 thousand vehicles out of circulation.
2010 to PresentThe company’s recycling program reuses approximately 250 tons of cartons, 700 tons of glass, 76,000 pounds of plastic, 3,500 pounds of paper and 14 tons of aluminum, and 400 tons of scrap metal annually.
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